a latte

Cool, get me a coffee.


I only date millionaire sugar daddies. Also, how tall is your hair?

I’ll Show You Mine If You Show Me Yours

While sifting through old posts, I realized I haven’t written any text on here in quite some time. I want to tell you why.

In May, I met someone amazing. I felt so lucky to start seeing¬†a guy that treated me like an equal. He did thoughtful¬†things for me and shared so many of my interests. I suppose I didn’t feel the need to write on here because I was happy. I had never dated someone that made me feel like I was special.

And then he broke my heart. He just wants to be friends.

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philly sucks


cow goes moo


child support child support2

I lost it at “your Jiggly Puffs”.

what are u wearing

That escalated quickly.

pack of nerds



Sufficiently creeped out beyond belief.




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