Guest Post #2: My Feisty High School Friend

This fine Monday, I’m serving up another submission post (remember when my hot blonde friend shared her story about love and man boobs?) This time, a spunky friend from high school shares her battle with the suitor who just wouldn’t give up. And then, well, he got kind of mean. So she did what any self-respecting Philadelphia honey would do – she got mean right back. Read on to hear her experience.

From my fiery friend:

“It might not be the most polite thing on dating sites to leave someone hanging, but you’d think after multiple messages without sending a reply, the other person would get the hint. Not this guy. He’s made multiple accounts and sent me the same opening line from each one: “you’re so sexy.” Granted, it’s not as absurd as other openers I’ve received. It’s flattering to have someone tell you you’re sexy, but it gets creepy when they’re constantly sending the same message. And it’s even worse when they make new accounts, search for you and still send the same thing. This guy was so persistent and it didn’t matter if I blocked him because he always made a new account. When I decided to finally call him out and set shit straight, he denied everything. I get that people crave intimacy, but please, save your dignity and the desperation”

Check the entire conversation below…

angela 1

angela 2

angela 3

angela 4

The screenshot:

angela 5

angela 6

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