Chin Win

I decided to try a little experiment on my Ok Cupid profile this month. While the majority of ladies use their most flattering selfies or head shots as their primary photo, I decided to go against the grain. I wanted to dive deep into the trenches and see what would happen if I put up a picture that defines myself more from the inside than the outside. I wanted a photo that depicted how I really feel and act, rather than how I look with some great makeup and a flattering pose. I wanted to be real (ish). So I made this my new profile picture:


I think it’s the most honest portrayal of myself – it shows that I have a sense of humor and that my primary focus in life is eating until I can’t anymore. Anyone who knows me will tell you that’s true, as I average about 3 desserts per meal. One friend’s button popped off her jeans the last time we hung out because she just couldn’t handle my eating habits (I’ll have you know that has only happened to me once, in high school).

When changing this Fatbooth beauty to my main picture, I didn’t expect to receive any messages. After all, Ok Cupid is all about looks and then personality. No one is going to click an ugly pic. I know I wouldn’t. Because I’m a bitch. But alas, my theory was completely turned around.

I’ve had this photo up for about two weeks now and I have received dozens and dozens of messages. More than ever. A sampling:








As you can see, these guys were lovin’ it (that’s supposed to be a McDonald’s joke). Most thought it was funny and that’s why they reached out to me. They saw that I didn’t take this online dating thing too seriously and that I may try to make them laugh. Or eat them. Some people are into that, too. Just look at the Craigslist dick-eater.

But some guys couldn’t take a joke. Exhibit A:


Thank you for the advice, sir. I didn’t know I had to appeal to “really advanced users” like yourself. Actually, I think people who consider themselves really advanced users of a dating site are the ones I don’t want to interact with. Because that’s a little weird. I get that online dating is a game and all but whoa, no one wants to date the Grand Master of Ok Cupid.

While many dudes thought my photo was silly in an endearing way, some were completely against it. For example:


Somebody’s a little judgey, eh?

Because this photo has gotten me so much attention from internet Romeo’s, I think I may leave it up a bit longer. It’s kinda nice to see a (10) next to my inbox. And even though I have zero interest in these guys at this moment in my life, perhaps I’ll save a few of them just in case I need a dessert date in the near future.

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