NYMag Meets the 4 Most Desired Online Daters in NYC

A buddy of mine in New York sent this piece to me this morning.

I found it incredibly interesting, as the four most popular users were not the types of people I’d expected. Both men (one gay and one straight) clocked in at under 5 foot 8. In a world where manly men are tall, this was actually comforting to see that hordes of women appreciate a guy despite his stature. Both women (also one gay and one straight) had unique looks. Our gay representative has a “Harry Styles haircut” and our straight girl has big, visible tattoos. Certainly not the conventional markings of female attractiveness.

This article actually gave me hope, at least for the East Coast online daters. They aren’t all looking for the cookie-cutter image of beauty.

I’d love to see Ok Cupid do this experiment in LA. I have an inkling the results would be a little more…obvious.


About a week into my Ok Cupid adventure, I was receiving some pretty boring messages. My inbox was full of “Hi”, “What’s Up”, and “How you doin’?” But many of the men behind these lame quips were far older than me, far shorter than me, or unclothed. Needless to say, they didn’t receive responses back from me.

That is, until Daniel messaged me. I wish I could tell you why I replied but honestly I have no idea. He seemed attractive and interesting. He wanted to be a writer and moved from Alabama to LA to pursue his dream. He was a soccer player in college and clocked in at 6 foot 3. What’s not to like? Perhaps his first message (below). But I decided to ignore that fact.

“Pretty hot”? Obviously my careful photo selection paid off! 

Daniel asked me to hang out on Labor Day. I headed down to Santa Monica to meet him at a bar. We spent a long time chatting and playing Quizzo (they call it bar trivia here. Alrighty.) It was technically my first real date so I did my best to be, um, flirty. A tap on the arm and a giggle here and there. I even wore a dress. But conversation got stale and when Daniel remarked that my tattoo seemed dumb, I knew it wasn’t a love connection. Daniel didn’t agree though. We never saw each other again but he continues to text me months later. Usually drunk. Sometimes sober. I started to think he was going to stalk me down and kill me (a la Craigslist Killer) so I tried to disappear for a while. Sometimes I’ll respond, though. I’m not THAT mean of a person.

While I don’t plan to see him again and I still think he might murder me, I’m proud to say a boy finally bought me a cheeseburger. I’m totally dating! 


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