freelance gyno 1 freelance gyno 2


booty booty



These are two very different questions.


Don’t touch me.

emoji sex


emoji overload

So…how do you feel?

mischa girl

I have absolutely no idea how I managed to match with a female but perhaps it’s a sign that I should try switching sides, since the whole heterosexual thing isn’t really working for me. Do you guys think Mischa is a good choice?

christmas gift

You already have several pictures since this is a dating app based solely on photos. Also I’m a beautiful, JAPpy Jewess who don’t need no Christian man.

goat hill 1 goat hill 2

What is this guy on? And where can I get some?

This Made Me Laugh Out Loud

I wish I matched with this guy. In other news, what in the world did we use to communicate before emojis?

Thanks to Mark Barry for [just] the tip.


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