do battle

Trust me, he’s not worth it.


Pretty sure I can do all of that without you if you know what I mean.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 11.15.12 PM

Oh honey, don’t send that message more than once. It was embarrassing enough the first time 😦

hey hi hey

Attention Men: This is a painfully boring way to message someone on Ok Cupid. Unless you want to be ignored, get creative and tell me how pretty I am!

tinder sparksSigh.

body type

No one has ever told me they like my body type before.

maddie submit 2

Submitted by my friend who has never performed in her life, save for her renditions of Taylor Swift’s Red album during long car rides. Even she will admit that those innocent renditions are a little hard on the ears. I suppose they’re lively, though. She really loves Taylor.


Something I’ve come across in the thousands of Ok Cupid and Tinder messages I’ve received since the beginning of this experiment is that the majority of men in this world are so utterly, terribly boring. And identical. I don’t mean this by their photos or tag lines. However, those are often the same as well. “Shiver me Tinders,” anyone?

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bees 1 bees 3 bees 4

Some deep Tinder thoughts to get you hype for the weekend.

generic messageAlrighty.


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