Submitted by a friend whose ethnicity is 100% Indian.

do battle

Trust me, he’s not worth it.

booty booty


like mustard


dirty whore

So many things are happening here!


I just want to take a moment to tell you all how sick I am of receiving messages like this. How is this an appropriate opening line? This shit makes me feel dirty and objectified, whether that’s the man’s intention or not. Treat me like a human rather than a body that’s yours to play with and demean with your “sexy” messages that I absolutely do not consent to or ask for. A simple and boring “hello” will get you way farther.

Perhaps a good rule of thumb: if you would be embarrassed to have your mother see the messages you send to women, maybe rethink what you’re sending.

demanding my number

meet up n fuck

You really know how to charm the pants off a lady.


Don’t touch me.

mike tyson

Do that and we’ll see.


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