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Happy belated Mother’s Day.

hey hey hey


Remember that time I used this photo as my profile picture and was subsequently one of the most popular people on Ok, Cupid?


Well I forgot about one guy’s message in response to this very accurate photograph of me.

shallow hal gag

I now aspire to 1) be a “really advanced user” of the site and 2) find someone who eats only pets. Wish me luck on this quest!


A Failed Experiment

Recently, my roommate and I were playing around on my Ok Cupid account and checking out the available bachelors when I came up with an idea. What would happen if I let Maddie, a person who has lived with me for two years and knows me inside and out (not sexually though), pick my new photo?

I told her to choose a picture of me that captures my essence. Make it very, very me. She was excited to have such a task and started clicking through every photo of me on Facebook. Once she made her decision, I’ll admit I wasn’t surprised with her choice:



Thus far, it hasn’t gone very well.

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credit score

Tell it to me straight – did you go to Wharton?

Chin Win

I decided to try a little experiment on my Ok Cupid profile this month. While the majority of ladies use their most flattering selfies or head shots as their primary photo, I decided to go against the grain. I wanted to dive deep into the trenches and see what would happen if I put up a picture that defines myself more from the inside than the outside. I wanted a photo that depicted how I really feel and act, rather than how I look with some great makeup and a flattering pose. I wanted to be real (ish). So I made this my new profile picture:


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Last night something weird happened.

I was doing my usual profile check, hoping for to find either ridiculously romantic or ridiculously hilarious messages in my Ok Cupid inbox. When I got to the site, a little window popped up asking if I wanted a “Free 15-Minute Boost.”


Of course I clicked “yes” because I’ll take anything if it’s free.

Suddenly a ticker appeared on the side of my screen with a 15-minute countdown. It was telling me how many suitable (or unsuitable) men were viewing a link to my profile. It looked a lil something like this:

Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 9.10.55 PM

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wind skirt

 Bro, I don’t even know.

desperateWhen I got this series of messages, all I could picture was the following meme…



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