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Just a casual continuation of last week’s post. Rated PG for Parental Guidance because I absolutely need my mom to coddle me after this message.

NYMag Meets the 4 Most Desired Online Daters in NYC

A buddy of mine in New York sent this piece to me this morning.

I found it incredibly interesting, as the four most popular users were not the types of people I’d expected. Both men (one gay and one straight) clocked in at under 5 foot 8. In a world where manly men are tall, this was actually comforting to see that hordes of women appreciate a guy despite his stature. Both women (also one gay and one straight) had unique looks. Our gay representative has a “Harry Styles haircut” and our straight girl has big, visible tattoos. Certainly not the conventional markings of female attractiveness.

This article actually gave me hope, at least for the East Coast online daters. They aren’t all looking for the cookie-cutter image of beauty.

I’d love to see Ok Cupid do this experiment in LA. I have an inkling the results would be a little more…obvious.

Psh, Amateurs

I’ve gotten way worse messages than these.

dan rapsSubmitted by a Jewish friend who’s looking for love in NYC. He sent me a series of these. Every single girl seems to want him for his latkes. That is not a euphemism for balls.

While he’s sick of these messages, I will take a moment to say that latkes are delicious and if you haven’t tried them with applesauce and sour cream then get off the internet and do it right now.



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