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happy hannukah

Happy first night of Hannukah, Ok Stupiders!

child support child support2

I lost it at “your Jiggly Puffs”.

solution is u

I honestly don’t get it. Am I stupid? Help.

Sealing The Deal

A few days ago I was talking to a co-worker about relationships. He asked me if I was interested in being in one and I told him that at the moment, I was content in my singledom and too busy to commit to anything.

I take that answer back.

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jew poem

Happy belated Mother’s Day.

net love

Does not compute.


The Plight Of The Blogger

Last night I hung out with a bunch of Penn alums. When the topic of this blog came up, they posed a question: Do guys I go out with know that I write about this stuff? And does it affect their opinions of me?

In a quick, point-blank answer, YES.

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Something I’ve come across in the thousands of Ok Cupid and Tinder messages I’ve received since the beginning of this experiment is that the majority of men in this world are so utterly, terribly boring. And identical. I don’t mean this by their photos or tag lines. However, those are often the same as well. “Shiver me Tinders,” anyone?

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cockAbsolutely no one wants to be spoken to this way unless otherwise stated. Kinky and consensual partners, have at it. But men of the world: don’t speak to me this way. Ever.


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