If any New Yorkers are interested, I’m happy to put you in touch. Make sure you know they don’t like to “work” hard, “haha”.

2015-06-06 11.58.50

Just a casual continuation of last week’s post. Rated PG for Parental Guidance because I absolutely need my mom to coddle me after this message.


These are two very different questions.



how tall are you

I’M 5’7, OK?

r u dominant

I…don’t know…?

mischa girl

I have absolutely no idea how I managed to match with a female but perhaps it’s a sign that I should try switching sides, since the whole heterosexual thing isn’t really working for me. Do you guys think Mischa is a good choice?


Actually, yes…


jessica alba

Well, at least it started off nicely.

bi guy 1

I hadn’t…

bi guy 2


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